125 Reusable Wild Grass Drinking Straws

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100% Chemical-Free, Fully Biodegradable, Reusable & Disposable Wild Grass Drinking Straws. Great for hot and cold drinks! Even better for the Earth.

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Half my order

I only received 1 set of straws when I ordered 2. Still haven’t found a way to contact anyone about this issue. There is no email or phone number on the website.

Love these

I use them for my smoothies, they are great!

I love my Straws

I love my Straws! I use straws for almost everything bc I have sensitive teeth, though I'm not going to lie, I bought these bc they were esthetically pleasing!! I have them sitting in the center of my dining room table amongst my the arrangement. I was actually more pleased with their sturdiness and effectives. One straw does withstand an entire days worth of me drinking water. They hold up in warm drinks as well as cold (yes I'm that person who had to drink out drinks with a straw, it's not fun). I've only been using them during quarantine so I have not had the opportunity to pop them out at a party or anything but I imagine they would be super cute in some themed cocktails as well.

Such a great straw!

I hate paper straws because they get soggy so quickly and this completely solves that problem. Kudos! Keep it up.

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