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“The events over the past year have ignited a groundswell of activism on very divisive topics and Americans are questioning future progress. They are looking to companies to drive change on the issues they hold dear.”

Change is Here

The push for businesses towards cleaner environmental practices is never-more prevalent. Your business practices say everything about your values and the people are watching closely! As the hashtag #plasticfree grows to over 2.5 million uses businesses who make the switch are also growing in popularity. Give your business image a refresher and your guests something good to talk about! Estee is committed to helping businesses worldwide implement a small change that makes a huge impact.

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Change is Free

Businesses receive tax deductions on supplies, meaning upgrading your straws are at no cost to you. It's a simple change to make that stands out everywhere, flaunting your business's impact on the world!

Change Your Straws, Change Your Business

Offering organic straws to support environmental change is something your community will love and appreciate. A 2017 study on corporate social responsibility confirms that people expect companies to be engaged in the process of making an impact when it comes to social and environmental matters. People everywhere are concerned about the future and recognize that their finances are a vehicle to influence change.


will have a more positive image of a company that supports social and environmental issues.


will be more likely to trust a company that supports social and environmental issues


would buy a product with social or environmental benefit if given the opportunity.

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