Grass is Greener Than: Grass

"Grass what?"

Every time the words "grass straw" is uttered facial expressions go as follows: eyebrows furrow together and eyes glaze over as the imagination takes over and tries to quickly put together an image of what that even looks like. Most people think of strands of lawn grass processed and glued together forming a straw, and what a relief, that's not the kind of sustainable solution we have in hand. In fact, this type of grass is native to Vietnam and actually grows hollow so it requires no additional process-- it's literally Earth's natural straw.

When we began searching for a sustainable straw there were a lot of options and much to consider. Glass straws, paper straws, metal straws, bamboo straws, "bio-plastic" straws, avocado straws, hay straws, straws of all kinds had taken its place in the market. At first glance some of them seemed like really bright ideas but after digging into the product and making comparisons it all came down to one question: what was wrong with the plastic straw in the first place? By remembering how this all started, we realized we were onto something. 

The root of the #plasticstrawban was about pollution and waste. With that in mind, it seemed like every plastic straw alternative still contributed to that problem in some way. Some, like the "bio-plastic" straw, were even found to be a pure marketing scheme and contributing to the issue in a major way. Individuals across the globe were trying to do their part to save the earth-- there had to be a true solution to the problem. Low and behold, that's when we landed upon the grass straw.

All Grass Straws Aren't Made Equally

Like most people, the first thing we did was check them out on Amazon did not hesitate before we ordered some! We even reached out to a couple of companies to find out more about the process, but didn't hear back. Excited still, we waited for them to arrive. When they came the first thing we noticed was the flimsy packaging that definitely didn't hold up over time, but that didn't matter because grass straws, how cool! We opened the box and were amazed at this plant that could make such a difference. However, upon using the straws the disappointment began to sink in. Some of the straws were very good and we could understand why this was revolutionary-- but honestly most of them were very thin, brittle, and even had holes. After ordering a few other packs of grass straws from Amazon, we found this problem to be consistent. Looking at some customer reviews, we knew we weren't alone.

The Truth About Grass Straws

With some investigating we realized that all grass straws aren't created equally. There are two types of these grass straws: straws that are made from grass that grows organic and wild, and inorganic grass straws that are grown with fertilizer-- you can guess which ones we had negative experiences with. Those straws that are inorganic are also much smaller in diameter and thinner overall. In addition to those differences, some companies only dry their straws once, while Estee straws have a two-step process making straws more durable. Durability means sustainability-- the combination of all these processes creates longer lasting reusable grass straws. Our straws can be washed and reused for days-- in fact after 5 days of testing how long it would last in a cup of coffee, we realized that the longer it was in liquid, the stronger it got! We decided that was good enough. 


Sustainability: The amazing thing about grass straws is that they're 100% biodegradable. You can compost them, and they go right back into the Earth just as grass would. Additionally harvesting organic, wild straws means no chemical process wrecking havoc on the Earth, no runoff of any kind. They can be used over a period of days or weeks and have a clean end-of-life? These straws have an A+ in sustainability.

Reviews: You can check out our reviews here. Customers love our straws and rave about their durability. Being able to use them in hot and cold drinks, smoothies, a cocktail gives it so much flexibility. They also come in cocktail size, making them a hit at restaurants and bars. You cannot use these straws for boba drinks, no room for tapioca here. Grass straws may have a slight grassy taste to them, but they are, after all, grass and many people say the taste is minimal. In the end it attests to their purity, so we'll take that over a chemicals any day. 

The Consensus

It should come as no surprise that we've concluded Estee's Grass Straws are the best, most eco-friendly straw on the market. If you want a straw that doesn't melt or get soggy, you can use for hot and cold drinks, are chemical-free, you can reuse and not feel bad about tossing, Estee has you covered. 

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